The opening of a charity photo exhibition `will Help polar bears together!`

The opening of a charity photo exhibition `will Help polar bears together!`November 29 took place in Gum on the opening of a charity photo exhibition "let's Help polar bears together!".This campaign is a joint project of Coca-Cola and WWF, aimed at preserving the population of polar bears in the Arctic and to attract the attention of an increasing number of concerned people to the problem.The solemn opening of the photo exhibition "let's Help polar bears together!" was accompanied by a gala charity concert, which was attended by stars of Russian show business. Artem Korolev presented one after the other famous artists and idols: Cornelia Mango and Mark Tishman, who performed many of your favorite Christmas song Coca-Cola "holidays are coming", "group 5sta", "Amega", "Hi-Fi", Snezhina kulova and many others. Many stars could be seen among the guests at the event and welcomed the participants of the photo project "let's Help polar bears together!": Ekaterina Strizhenova, tutta Larsen, Irena Ponaroshku, Euclid administration, Valeria Gai Germanika, Bianca, Vlad Sokolovsky and others.Before the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Help polar bears together!" took place the round table, participants discussed the current situation with the ecology of the Arctic and a number of measures that have been and will be made to save the lives of Arctic polar bears.During the round table, development Director of WWF Russia, has announced the launch of the campaign on the "adoption" of polar bears. Now everyone can contribute to the "adoption" of a polar bear and save his home in the Arctic. The General partner of this program was the company "Coca-Cola", which "adopted" immediately 50 polar bears.The exhibition will run until 20 December. Source: the Opening of a charity photo exhibition "let's Help polar bears together!"". Читать полностью -->

Most sexy torsos Hollywood

Most sexy torsos Hollywood After the release of the new "Twilight" and only talk about the beautiful torso Taylor Lautner. But he is not the only owner of a beautiful and sexy muscles.Source: sexiest torsos Hollywood . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Wedding albert II at a cost of 20 million euros

Wedding albert II at a cost of 20 million eurosThe wedding of the ruler albert II of Monaco and his fiancee Charlene Wittstock cost a little less than 20 million euros. About this informed the head of government of the Principality Michel Roger."The cost of the wedding were divided between the state and the princely Palace in equal shares - 50%. Funds allocated from the state budget amounted to 9 million 850 thousand euros," explained Roger. Thus, the total cost of the ceremony reached nearly two dozen million.Meanwhile, said Michel Roger, the Agency France Presse, the proceeds from the wedding are still being counted - their sum will be known only at the beginning of autumn. As in the case of the marriage of Prince William and the now Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, to a festive event in Monaco were prepared with a variety of Souvenirs respective symbols, in the Principality of profit tens of thousands of tourists.In addition, according to French media, a 200-metre red and white carpet on which the altar was the Prince and his girlfriend Charlene will be cut into pieces and sold for charitable purposes. Each "product" will show off the signature Suite.Wedding of albert and Charlene was held on 1-2 July. Читать полностью -->

In Ulyanovsk will be the Russian premiere of `Faust`

In Ulyanovsk will be the Russian premiere of `Faust`Russian premiere of the film "Faust" by Alexander Sokurov, which received the main prize at the 68th Venice film festival - "Golden lion", will be held in Ulyanovsk on Tuesday in the framework of the International Congress "Culture as a resource of modernization", reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the organizing Committee of the forum.The screening will take place tonight at the Grand concert hall of the Lenin memorial, before Vladimir Pozner will hold a creative meeting with the Creator of the film.Before you see a new picture Sokurov, Ulyanovsk special retrospectives could see the first movies of his famous tetralogy - "Moloch" about Adolf Hitler, "Taurus" about Vladimir Lenin and the "Sun" of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito.Faust completes the tetralogy, it is based on the first part of Goethe's poem, and the script written by Yuri Arabs.For the film built a city near Prague. The role of Faust performed a German stage actor Johannes Zailer, who spoke in the frame in the native language, Mephistopheles-the pawnbroker has played the founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Anton Adasinsky, the film starred Leonid Mozgovoy.In the preparation of the Russian version of the film is very helped, and in the course of the film, employee of the Pushkin house Marina Koreneva. Operator Sokurov invited the Frenchman Bruno Delbonnel, who has directed such famous films as "Death in Hollywood", "Amelie", "a very Long engagement", "Paris, I love you" and one of the parts of Harry Potter ("Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince"). And the idea of the tetralogy, according to Sokurov, first appeared 30 years ago, ITAR-TASS reported.After the release of the tape can be easily gained the recognition of the European and Russian critics. It, in particular, offered to put forward on "Oscar" from Russia. However, it took the place of "the Citadel" by Nikita Mikhalkov, and the question of the rental of "Faust" in Russia, despite all the progress until resolved.At the present time the question of the Russian film, which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called "Grand". Читать полностью -->

Neve Campbell will be aboard `Titanic`

Neve Campbell will be aboard `Titanic`Neve Campbell was offered the role in the television miniseries depicting the construction process of the "Titanic", according to Variety.The project is called "Titanic: Blood and steel" ("Titanic: Blood and Steel"). Speech in the series will focus on how the creators of "Titanic" were forced to take the "fatal compromises due to financial difficulties". Campbell offered the role of the journalist is preparing a report on the first voyage of the ship (however, it is assumed that her character will have a personal reason to be on Board the "Titanic").The last film starring Neve Campbell, released in the Russian car, is the film "Scream 4". The picture was released in April 2011. It is noteworthy that the interval between the release of the film "Scream 3" and "Scream 4" was 11 years old.In addition, in the TV series "Titanic: Blood and steel" will star Derek Jacoby ("Gladiator", "King says.) and Chris noth ("sex and the city"). The project budget should be about 30 million US dollars. Читать полностью -->

Sigourney weaver wants to play in the fifth part of `Alien`

Sigourney weaver wants to play in the fifth part of `Alien`Sigourney weaver finished last time to return to the image of Ellen Ripley, to finish the history of the illustrious Slayer of alien monsters. About the actress told in an interview to share Moviefone."If I really was involved in this project, I would have found interesting story and persuaded to participate 20th Century Fox. I could once again kick ass these creatures, but, you know, is now working as a film industry," said the actress.She complained that the Actresses her age are not trusted to play the main characters of the militants. "But I still think that her story is not over yet," added Sigourney weaver.Recall that according to the mythology of the universe of "Alien" Ellen Ripley was born on the lunar base in the year 2092. In the year 2120 after completing his studies at the Academy she was taken on as warrant officer of the crew of the cargo ship Nostromo, "company "weyland-Yutani".A year later the ship went to his memorial flight, which made an unplanned landing on the planetoid LV-426 with the aim to discover the source of a strange signal. Alien body with fantastic vitality and ability to adapt to new conditions, got on the Nostromo. Читать полностью -->

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