The media leaked secrets of Steve jobs biography

The media leaked secrets of Steve jobs biographyAP published a sensational excerpts from the biography of the 656-page book about the founder of Apple. As it turns out, Steve jobs has accelerated his end.Apple CEO Steve jobs almost a year refused surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, which could save his life, according to citing CBS News. On the eve of the AP, claiming that already purchased a 656-page book about Steve Jobs, has published some excerpts from the biography.According to the author of the official biography of the Apple founder by Walter Isaacson, after jobs in 2003 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he refused surgical intervention. 9 months, the founder of Apple stubbornly refused to coating operations, relying on alternative medicine, including vegetarianism, fasting, acupuncture, herbs and the recommendation of a psychiatrist. Isaacson noted that the head of the Corporation was hiding how serious his condition and told everyone that was able to overcome the disease, while the treatment is continued. The author of the biography also stated that jobs could cure cancer, if not turned to alternative medicine."I asked and he said, "I don't want my body to be opened... I don't want to abuse your body in this form," he told Walter Isaacson. It should be noted that the biographer did not specify what kind of operations are refused jobs.In the biography ajar for the first time the veil of secrecy over the relationship of jobs to Eric Schmidt left the Apple Board of Directors and moved to competitors in Google while the two companies were the two leading contenders in the field to develop the most advanced smartphones, reports ITAR-TASS.Apple brought to market a line of iPhone and Google parried the attack of the Android operating system, which, according to jobs, was "theft in especially large sizes" developments of the company with the Apple logo."If necessary, I'll fight to my last breath and will spend $ 40 billion Apple last dime to fix this wrong. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm ready to make a real thermonuclear war", - quotes the legendary innovator of the author.According to the latest jobs confidentially met with Schmidt in Palo Alto (California) and refused to withdraw filed a lawsuit on Google by compromise. Right told the competitor that I will not take his compensation, even if it is $ 5 billion: "I don't need. Money I have plenty. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android. That's all I want.".

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