In the US arrested the former wife of Charlie sheen

In the US arrested the former wife of Charlie sheenEx-wife of Hollywood actor Charlie sheen arrested in the U.S. on suspicion of assaulting a person and possession of cocaine for the purpose of marketing. Brooke J. Muller had a good time in one of the Nightclubs in California, when there was raided by the police.The guards arrived on call women who were in this club. She stated that she was attacked by 34-year-old Mueller. When arrested, the ex-wife Bus found the drugs.She was later released on bail of 11 thousand dollars. The court session upon an event scheduled for December 19, RIA Novosti reported.Currently, Mueller is a real estate agent. Some time ago she starred in the movie. In her filmography such films as "witch House", "Love" and "Only sex". She also participated together with Paris Hilton in the reality show "the World according to Paris", which was completed in 2011.Brooke Mueller - third wife Sheena. In March 2009 they married and had two twin boys. Despite a relatively short period of living together, Brooke Mueller had time to fully feel the sharp temper temperamental spouse.On Christmas eve 2009, the actor was arrested in the ski resort of aspen. Causing the police mГјller then claimed that during an argument Shin pulled out a knife and threatened to kill her. In August 2010 during this episode, the star of the films "Platoon" and "Hot heads" was sentenced to 30 days of treatment in a rehabilitation center, 30 days of probation and 36 hours of courses to overcome feelings of aggression. Source: U.S. arrested the former wife of Charlie sheen.

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