Israeli orchestra will play for the first time Wagner in Germany

Israeli orchestra will play for the first time Wagner in GermanyThe Israeli chamber orchestra conducted by Roberto Paternostro will play Richard Wagner in Germany, reports Reuters.The concert, which will be executed symphonic poem Siegfried idyll" will be held within the opening 25 July Bayreuth festival.Israeli musicians rarely play Wagner and never performed his works in Germany. An unofficial ban on the performance of compositions by this composer was introduced in 1938, after Nazi Germany began persecuting the Jews. Since then, Israeli musicians performed works by Wagner a few times.The ban stems from the fact that Wagner was an ardent anti-Semite and a favorite composer of Adolf Hitler. Views composer known for anti-Semitic article "Judaism in music", which was published in 1850 and served for Hitler source of inspiration. In this article, in particular, contained criticism of Felix Mendelssohn and generally addressed to the Jews, whom Wagner was accused of "destructive influence on German culture.".

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