Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday with his ex-wife

Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday with his ex-wifeArnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday in the company of his almost ex-wife Maria Shriver, which at the moment is diluted.The emergence of yet another wife "Terminator" surprised a lot of others, because after the news about the illegitimate son of Arnie from the housekeeper couple relationship became more like a "cold war".Hardly Maria managed in such a short time to forgive your unfaithful husband and about a reconciliation between the former spouses. However, on the birthday of Schwarzenegger Shriver looked beautiful and stayed pretty calm. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Mary at the feast was accompanied by two shared with former California Governor sons.Perhaps the "thaw" in the relations of the spouses came after the actor decided not to deprive his wife and children money. "Terminator" has replaced submitted on July 20 in the court to another, in which he agreed to pay his wife Maria Shriver alimony after divorce and to pay her attorneys during the divorce process.As already mentioned Days., in the application filed by Schwarzenegger a week ago in the superior court of Los Angeles, he refused to assume these costs. The issue of alimony and counsel fees Mary was the only one which the couple during their divorce proceedings had disagreements. Also Schwarzenegger supported the request of the wife to the court to allow them joint custody of their two sons.Arnold and his wife are in the process of a divorce after 25 years together in marriage. "Terminator" has admitted that his wife left him after learning that he cheated on her and has an illegitimate son. The mother of this child who is already 13 years old, spent 20 years working at the couple's maid.The actor and his wife, two minor children - 13-year-old Christopher and 17-year-old Patrick. Educate them Schwarzenegger and Shriver have decided together. In addition, they have two adult daughters - 21-year-old Katherine and 19-year-old Christina. The terms of the division of property acquired by the spouses during 25 years of marriage, will be determined during the divorce process. Source: Schwarzenegger celebrated his 64th birthday with his ex-wife.

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