Orlando airport detained an armed Playboy model

Orlando airport detained an armed Playboy modelThe model, who starred for the men's magazine Playboy, detained in Orlando airport while trying to smuggle into the cabin a loaded revolver. About it reports the local edition of the Orlando Sentinel.The incident occurred on Monday, August 8, but the information about it leaked to the media just now. According to the police report, Shauna Mary McLaughlin (Shanna Marie McLaughlin) passed the examination for the flight to Los Angeles. When scanning in her hand Luggage was found a revolver.Moreover, it was found that the revolver - Colt 45-caliber - was charged, and expansive bullets. The weapon was withdrawn, and 26-year-old model - arrested and taken to jail.According to the girl, the gun belonged to her boyfriend, and she doesn't know how he ended up in her travel bag. Nonetheless, she is charged with possession of weapon in a prohibited place. It is noted that McLaughlin does not have a weapons permit.Shona Mary McLaughlin was shot for Playboy in 2010, in particular, in July she became the playmate of the month. In the same year, around girls scandal associated with Frank photo shoot in the locker room University of Central Florida University of Central Florida), a student who she is. The University administration then had to publicly apologize to the public for the controversial shooting in the walls of educational institutions. Source: Orlando airport detained an armed Playboy model.

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