Reached out, found the soloist for `Night Snipers`

Reached out, found the soloist for `Night Snipers`Talented vocalist she found in Kiev thanks to the contest "the Voice CRAВ©no".It is not excluded that in a short time in the composition of the rock band will join another party, which will be the second vocalist of "Snipers". Enviable place tipped new protege Diana Arbenina - 26-year-old Natasha Gordienko.Natalia - frontwomen group "Superduke", so popular in narrow circles of Ukrainian music fans have already won. However, this did not prevent the girl to come to the audition vocal show "the Voice CRAВ©no" and try his luck along with thousands of other talented guys.Says Diana Arbenina, one of the judges of the project, she immediately saw that she was talented. "It took me only ten seconds to realize how talented this girl is. I immediately offered her cooperation. Vocals she's strong, and it fits perfectly in our team," admitted Showbiz Life the leader of the "Night snipers".However, Natalia Gordienko in no hurry to leave their communities in the lurch and has not given Diana a definitive answer. Yes Arbenina and not rushing a young singer with the decision, but to the world of Russian show business still attaches. Recently, Natasha has presented to the Moscow public, and she took a new soloist on "cheers.".

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