Sobchak has decided to completely change your appearance

Sobchak has decided to completely change your appearanceFamous TV presenter decided to undergo plastic surgery to become more attractive. Apparently the star was tired of constant comparison with the horse.Ksenia has corrected his famous chin.The mentoplasty surgery took place in one of the elite plastic clinics in Germany under General anesthesia. The procedure of reduction of the chin bone is one of the most complex operations in the practice of aesthetic medicine. That's why Sobchak asked for help to foreign doctors, writes Showbiz Life."Ksyusha decided on this surgery only because it is guaranteed there will be no scars - shared close friend Sobchak. - Everything is done from the inner side of the lips - swelling she slept in a matter of days".Changes to the exterior of cost Sobchak over 10 thousand euros. The rehabilitation period took just a few days, after which the 29-year-old TV presenter has already returned home and almost immediately started to work.Ksenia Sobchak earlier itself admitted that already applied to plastic surgeons.She openly said that adjusted hated since childhood nose. Source: Sobchak decided to completely change her looks.

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