The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was jailed for 20 years

The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was jailed for 20 yearsAfter three years of court hearings Amanda Brumfield, the daughter of Hollywood actor and Director Billy Bob Thornton, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Court of the state of Florida recognized the woman responsible for the death of one-year-old daughter Olivia, her friend Heather Murphy.The Prosecutor demanded to recognize the 32-year-old daughter of an actor is guilty of premeditated murder of the girl and to deprive her of liberty for 30 years, but the defense managed to prove that the murder was unintentional, and the court reduced the sentence.This strange thing happened in October 2008. In that ill-fated evening a friend asked her to babysit, and when she returned, the baby was already dead. Version miss Broomfield, the girl fell out of the arena and smashed his head, causing died. During the autopsy on crown little Olivia was discovered by a 10-centimeter wound, which, according to the experts, there was profuse bleeding in the brain, causing death.All the while the prosecution tried to prove that the child could not get such a severe wound, fell from the arena, it can be applied only methodical blows to the head. And the defense tried to prove that you received when you fall injury has aggravated some old, and if would-be nanny took action in a timely manner, the baby could be rescued. "I did not immediately realize what happened, vaguely justified Amanda. - After I picked up Olivia and put her back in the playpen, she continued to play. Worse she was only in two hours. When I called for an ambulance.Father convicted Billy Bob Thornton did not comment and refuses to talk to reporters. "I have not support any relationship with Amanda," said he after the arrest of her daughter in may 2009. What is mother to one-year-old Olivia, she still can not recover after experiencing grief. "Nothing will comfort me. It's all good... I'll never see Olivia," said she with tears in her eyes after the judge read the guilty verdict of Amanda Brumfield.To the public American actor and Director Billy Bob Thornton is known not only for professional success, how scandalous marriage with Angelina Jolie, which lasted three years. Only Thornton has been married five times and has four children from different marriages. Amanda Brumfield was born, when Billy Bob was only 24 years old and he was married for the first time. Perhaps the girl had inherited the difficult nature of the father, and maybe she's just a victim of tragic circumstances. Source: Daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was jailed for 20 years.

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