Russian stripper talked about life with Gadhafi

Russian stripper talked about life with GadhafiAfter the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the media there is increasing evidence, what cruel tyrants were all the men of his family.Today in "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published an exclusive interview of the wife of the son of Colonel Saif al-Islam, who vowed to avenge his father and to continue his work. She told how her husband arranged orgies, mocked the maid, and she herself was beaten, blackmailed and finally brought to a deep coma. This interview with journalists managed to get a long time, but published it only today.The relationship with the spouse Hope Gaddafi stopped after he was beaten and flung her from the 12th floor. She was in a coma for 47 days, but miraculously survived. This tragedy was preceded by the story of their adventurous Dating.Hope was born in Crimea, in the resort of Koktebel. At the age of 14 she wanted to get married and to go to Moscow. Two years later, the groom took her to the capital, but not married: bride caught the elect on the other. To earn money to live, she went to work at a strip club "Rasputin".First day became the last Hope - one of the regular customers of the club, some Alik, bought her as a kept woman for six months. In four months, after which her benefactor suddenly disappeared, the girl had extensive contacts. Thanks to new influential friends she was the PR Director at cafe Arkady Novikov, where she met her first husband, a businessman.And six months later at one of the presentations in the boutique Hope met Seif al-Islam, who arrived in Moscow for a wedding Sobchak and Shustorovich, but when the marriage fell through, I decided to just hang out. "You wouldn't believe it, I didn't even know that this man bears the name of Gaddafi. For me he still was just a Safe," assured the girl journalists.Soon Hope arrived for a new friend to Austria. "But after a couple days they called me husband. "Do you know whom to contact? This is Gaddafi's son!" he shouted into the phone. I could not believe it. And in fact, not require me a passport from a loved one," said the girl.Six months later, Seif al-Islam took Hope to meet with parents. In Libyan airport girl picked up under the arms, put on her burka and put in the car. From this moment the life of the Russians has changed dramatically. Its constantly surrounded by "spongers" spouse. "Apart from the fact that these guys drank, ate, bought a women through my husband, so they are still 24 hours a day at our house. And without hesitation walked through the rooms in his underwear and had sex with their girls in my bedroom," continued Hope. To complain to the Safe was useless - he immediately warned his wife: "Friends for me is sacred!".To match the expectations of her parents, the Hope had to have surgery to restore her virginity. "Later, the doctor in the presence of aunt Safe confirmed my innocence. Then I accepted Islam," said she. By the way, this ceremony was not too onerous - the girl was in the presence of two witnesses three times to repeat the Mullah: "there is No God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet"."Once we formalized the relationship, no trace of intelligent, proper boy's tie," said Hope. Safe, not hiding, was brought to the house of his mistresses, together with friends arranged a group Orgy, and took all of his adventures on camera."At first I rolled scandals, cried, and then I realized that you can't change anything. And I'm okay", - continued the story of Hope. When two years ago safe has sponsored a beauty contest in Ukraine, he instructed his wife to hold the casting, and then "a lot of these beauties jumped from the catwalk straight to bed my husband," added the Russian.To contradict her husband Hope could not: if necessary, he resorted to direct blackmail. So one day, when a girl after an argument he went to the Crimea to mother, her brother from Donetsk lost a young son. "It became clear that thus safe decided to scare me. He has a huge connection in the Ukraine," said Nadezhda.She has remembered and about how the beloved son of Gaddafi addressed with staff. For example, Filipinos who worked for him from morning till late at night and getting a pittance, did as ordered host: "in Addition to cleaning rooms and cooking Filipinos served more demeaning work. For example, lowered for Gaddafi in the outhouse." My wife safe forced him to do a foot massage, sometimes four hours. And to undergo this procedure, he preferred during the interview, in the presence of journalists.In quarrels safe never made concessions and often used violence, but to divorce under Muslim laws, Hope could not. "The first serious quarrel with Safe happened when I complained to his friend that he was walking in front of me completely naked. The safe didn't, and as punishment was ordered to take me to the desert for a week. When he returned, friends of the husband is not shy about Masturbation in my presence. After that I Packed up and without telling anyone, and fled to Moscow," she said.After a few days with the Hope contacted the man from the Embassy of Libya and asked her to fly to Vienna to settle the conflict with the Safe. She decided that he would ask for forgiveness. But when they met at the restaurant, then again quarrel broke out. "And then he hit me. Twice. I don't know. Woke up in the hospital," added Hope.The doctors said that she was 47 days in a coma and survived by a miracle. "Embassy officials have convinced journalists that I went through too much, climbed a tree and fell, and safe became my noble Saviour," said Hope. What happened actually, she doesn't remember, but assumed that when she passed out, safety Deposit box threw it out the window, at the 12th floor. The doctors found the victim on the street. "Thought I didn't make it, will be disabled, because I had a dislocation of cervical vertebra, was diagnosed with two broken legs, arms, I did a craniotomy," said Hope.In a few days after Hope came out of the coma, she had to appear before journalists. "I was warned in advance what to say. I remember I thanked Safe for my rescue and said that I love him," she added.

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