John Travolta bought the plane

John Travolta bought the planeThe Hollywood stars John Travolta stole an expensive car. But the actor is very upset and bought a plane.Vintage sports Mercedes-Benz 280SL 1970 stole the actor in just a minute - had to only go to a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica, United States. Meanwhile the machine was worth almost 100 thousand dollars. Now the car the police are looking for.John reacted to the unexpected loss with humor, saying that the car is not a plane that would be easier to find. As they say, in every joke there is some joke.Soon Travolta bought the plane, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets". He was invited to the presentation of the airline's Bombardier. There he announced that he became their face. Whether to celebrate, whether with big discount Travolta purchased a Bombardier Challenger 601.Recall that the actor it will not be the first private aircraft. John Travolta is a first-class pilot, had flown several thousand hours. According to him, he contracted aircraft at the age of five years and still loves aviation. The actor owns several aircraft, named after children.And also he has acquired from Qantas engine Boeing 707-138 on which family September 29, 2010 visited Russia. Source: John Travolta bought the plane.

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