In the Network appeared the plot of the new Superman film

In the Network appeared the plot of the new Superman filmThe film company Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment has announced the recruitment of extras for the filming of the new Superman movie man of steel, will be directed by Zack Snyder.As reported by Comic Book in the ad also listed a brief story of the future picture, the output of which is a rental scheduled for June 2013.So, in the new film Snyder in his own way tells the story of becoming Superman, which will play the actor Henry Cavill (Henry Cavill). From the ribbon, which will take place in Canada, apparently, do not expect something unusual or new. All the characters are familiar from previous paintings about the main American superhero.According to the synopsis of the picture, young journalist Clark Kent, from childhood endowed with superhuman abilities due to his alien origin, will be given sacramental question "What am I doing here?". In the story he has to understand what special abilities involve making hard decisions, especially when the world in mortal danger."Whether he will direct their abilities to maintain peace on Earth, or will divide and conquer? Clark will become a superhero "Superman" is not only a Bastion of hope for the world, but also the protector of those he loves," reads the announcement.Starring, in addition to Cavill, the new film will play Amy Adams (she got the role of colleague and friend of the protagonist), Michael Shannon (the villain General zod) and Lawrence fishburn (chief editor of the Daily Planet, in which Clark Kent). Also in the picture Snyder appears Diane lane, Kevin costner and Russell Crowe.In April 2011, in the Internet appeared the information that the film is Zack Snyder, who previously worked on the films "300," "Watchmen" and "Forbidden", will tell about the travels of a young reporter Clark Kent the world in search of news. His superpowers, according to Kent had to send to the tribal conflict resolution in West Africa. Official confirmation of this information is not received. Source: In the Network appeared the plot of the new Superman film.

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