Bond has a new girlfriend

Bond has a new girlfriend Finally learned the name of the new girl Daniel Craig. Charming French Berenice Marlowe will share with all the progress in danger, joy and a bed.The film's "bond 23," Sam Mendes has completed casting Actresses for the role of the new girls of James bond. French Berenice Marlowe has been approved by the producers.There were rumors that claimed this honour actress of Russian origin, Margarita levieva, but luck smiled on the other.Other new traders project - Javier Bardem (apparently, he will play the main villain) and Helen McCrory ("Interview with the vampire", "Jane Austen", "Casanova"). The rest is unchanged: Daniel Craig is still bond, and Judi Dench as his boss.Who is this Beneris Marlo? She's 32 and while she's not too famous for his movie roles. But the role of the girlfriend of a superhero can really change everything. But Marlo first have not to strike in a dirt the person and not to confound her famous predecessors, all of whom were Halle berry, Sophie Marceau, Eva green, Olga Kurylenko, and many other famous Actresses). Source: the new bond girl.

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