Zolotukhin will be the permanent head of the Taganka Theater

Zolotukhin will be the permanent head of the Taganka TheaterValery Zolotukhin, which signed a short term contract for management of the Taganka Theatre after the departure of Yuri Lyubimov, most likely, will remain its Director and after October 15, at the expiration of the term of the contract."At the Taganka Theater, I think we will sign the contract with Valery Sergeevich Zolotukhin for a year as Director of theatre", said the radio station "Echo of Moscow" the newly-appointed head of the Department of culture Sergei Kapkov.According to him, from the budget of Moscow will allocate funds for new premieres are invited Directors. "I think to preserve the legacy of Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov in the current situation, we will allocate additional money for two or three plays that will be invited to make Directors, said Kapkov. - They have a position that it will be Sergei Fedotov and Italian Director Paolo Landi".Kapkov also noted that in order to prevent new conflicts in the theatrical field, you need to create a special database training art Directors.Earlier it was reported that Zolotukhin, is likely to be temporary head of the Taganka Theater, and by the beginning of the season he will find a replacement. In particular, he said that he hoped to get from the title, but remain in the case, if requested by the company.Recall that Yuri Lyubimov directed the Taganka Theatre in 1964. His departure led to the conflict with the troupe on tour in the Czech Republic in June 2011. Earlier it was suggested that Lyubimov may, after his departure to forbid to play his productions, which make up almost the entire repertoire of the theatre. However, Zolotukhin expressed confidence that the former head of "Taganka" won't do, because you will want to extend the life of her works. He also stressed that Lyubimov, probably has no legal right to impose such bans. Source: Zolotukhin will be the permanent head of the Taganka Theater.

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