Shevchuk did not want to be a tycoon

Shevchuk did not want to be a tycoonThe leader of the group "DDT" Yuri Shevchuk did not like the inclusion of his name in the list of Russia's richest celebrities according to Forbes magazine. Musician "regret" reported that the rumors of his millions exaggerated.According to the publication, last year the income Shevchuk was one million dollars. The musician took 45th place in the ranking of celebrities. In the first three ranking singer Stas Mikhailov, tennis player Maria Sharapova and "diva" Alla Pugacheva.In response Shevchuk spoke with an angry letter, in which he proposed to Forbes to apologize "for what he put us rotten in the ranks of peddlers of pseudo -". "That's me, a sinner, recorded in the oligarchs, - quotes RIA Novosti musician. - Sad to report that rumors of my wealth are greatly exaggerated".The leader of the "DDT" reassured fans that "families are not starving musicians", and it's been two years with his team working in the Studio on a new album and a concert program.Position in the Forbes ranking was calculated based on three factors - annual income (from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011), the number of mentions in the media and in the number of queries in the search engine "Yandex". Revenues consisted of the total fee payments that were made to address a certain performer. The distribution of these revenues between the star and the producers and agents, we were not considered. Taken into account only income received of Zvezditsa by the exploitation of his talent. Analyzed the data provided by the participants of the list, and independent analysts, as well as information about the circulation of music albums and books, tournaments prizes, advertising contracts, the tour schedule of stars.Note that Shevchuk this year was a new entrant Forbes ranking of celebrities. But him first in the list included singer Elena Vaenga, ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, actor Maxim Averin and highest rated singer Stas Mikhailov. At the time of the rating, the total annual income of celebrities almost doubled: 208 million in 2011, compared with 116 million in 2005. Source: Shevchuk does not want to be a tycoon.

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