In the blood of Amy Winehouse did not find illegal drugs

In the blood of Amy Winehouse did not find illegal drugsToxicological examination revealed no illegal drugs in the blood of British singer Amy Winehouse (Amy Winehouse), who died last month, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to AFP."The toxicology report provided by the authorities of the Winehouse family, confirmed that in the blood of Amy at the time of death there were no illegal drugs", - quotes Agency the statement of the family of the singer."The results showed the presence of alcohol, however, it is still impossible to figure out, was it of any role in her death," the statement said. Parents of the singer appealed to her fans with a request to wait for the announcement of the results of the investigation.Recall that Amy Winehouse was found dead in the afternoon on July 23 at his home on the streets of Camden square in North London. After the autopsy, the cause was never established.London police stated that the death of 27-year-old singer has no suspicious circumstances. Near it was found the drug, the apartment looked normal. The scene was thoroughly examined by the police, and no signs of criminal causes of death, including suicide, was not found.According to relatives, the singer three years ago, stopped taking drugs, and for three weeks before he died - to drink alcohol. Doctors had warned Winehouse that, while alcohol causes irreversible damage to her health, a sharp rejection of its consumption could lead to tragic consequences.Winehouse was buried on 26 July at the cemetery Edgwarebury in the North of the British capital. Source: blood Amy Winehouse did not find illegal drugs.

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