85-year-old Duchess of Alba wants to get married

85-year-old Duchess of Alba wants to get marriedSpanish aristocrat, 18th Duchess of Alba, the most titled woman in the country, plans to marry her lover, a 60-year-old Alfonso Diez, a member of the Department of social welfare.As stated in the official statement, 85, a noble Spaniard, published in the magazine Hola!, the wedding ceremony will take place in early October.The question of the marriage of the Duchess of Alba, full name is: Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alphonse Victoria Eugenio Fitz-James Stuart and Silva, widely discussed in the Spanish media. The journalists ' attention was focused on the fact that the family of the Duchess were against her decision to marry Diez, as relatives of Alba believed that he expects to receive her money.Faced with the resistance of the family, the Duchess of Alba has decided to abandon his fortune, which is estimated, according to various estimates, at between $ 600 million to 3.5 billion euros. Noble woman distributed the money among his five sons, a daughter and eight grandchildren. In addition to the money each of them will receive on the property.After the document was signed, the relatives of the Duchess, as the announcement of the imminent marriage, have given their consent to the Union of Alba with a commoner. When it will be a wedding of the Duchess and her lover, is unknown. The celebration will be modest: at the wedding will be attended only by the relatives of Alba and her future spouse, and also the personal physician of the Duchess. Will also have a guest photographer, who will then give the media a photo from the celebration.For the Duchess of Alba's impending marriage will be the third. For the first time she got married when she was 21 years old. Husband aristocrat became an officer Pedro Luis Martinez de Irujo and Artazcoz. In 1972 she was widowed, and six years later the newly married then her lover was her spiritual Director jesГєs Aguirre and Ortiz de Zarate. He died in 2001.The title of the Dukes of Alba was established by king Enrique IV of Castile, who ruled Castile and Leon with 1454 in 1474 years. The first holder of the title was Garcia Alvarez de Toledo. Source: 85-year-old Duchess of Alba wants to get married.

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