Detectives refused to recognize Arturo Gatti suicide

Detectives refused to recognize Arturo Gatti suicidePrivate investigators who conducted his own investigation of circumstances of death of former world Boxing champion canadian Arturo Gatti, ruled out the theory of suicide athlete.According to the detective Floor, Salina, suicide Gatti was "physically impossible". This writes the American edition of the Jersey Journal.Gatti July 11, 2009 he was found dead his wife Amanda Rodrigues in a hotel room in the Brazilian resort town of Porto de Galinhas. Exactly Rodriguez was originally charged with the murder of a boxer, but after three weeks she was released from the detention cells, and the charges were dropped.The death of Gatti Brazilian investigators have declared a suicide. Later this version was confirmed by the autopsy. Saline stressed that the investigation of the Brazilians he believes is incomplete, and an autopsy was conducted unprofessionally. On the question of whether he could name a suspect in the murder Gatti, Salina replied that the only person who was in that evening along with boxer, was his wife.Ciolino along with another detective Joseph Moray - hired Manager of a boxer Pat Lynch, who was not satisfied with the investigation carried out by the Brazilian police. The investigation, which led Ciolino and Moura, lasted ten months, and entirely on the outcome detectives will speak at a press conference on 30 August.Gatti, who died at the age of 37, has spent on a professional ring 49 fights and won them 40 wins (31 KOs) and nine defeats. Boxer was world champion in the weight category up to 59 to 63.5 kilograms. Duels with Gatti admitted four times the fights of the year. Source: the Detectives refused to recognize Arturo Gatti suicide.

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