The handwriting gave intimate secrets Kirkorov

The handwriting gave intimate secrets KirkorovPhilip constantly kept in mind, however, about their personal inclinations and tastes he prefers not to spread. Meanwhile, the mystery singer gave his handwriting.With the help of an expert graphologist magazine "Secrets of the stars" tried to find out what hides Patriotic king of pop from his fans. As it turned out, Kirkorov is not looking for sexual partners. But do not rush to worry about the state of his health: just the artist believes that they will find it themselves, as the first step, which he disdains.Despite this fault-finding, intimate the relationship the singer still there, and moreover, now he is in love. Although in General, the graphologist concluded that sex Philip refers to something humiliating to him and tries not to fall. Ambiguity causes even the orientation of the stars of show business.The rest is very selective and doubting personality, albeit with extremely high self-esteem. He communicates only with those whom they consider worthy.Meanwhile in stressful situations the artist is lost. According to the expert, "in an instant it can turn from serious men in hysterical girl". As a result, he is not always able to find a way out of the situation, and often waits until it gets resolved by itself or with the help of true friends.Despite the eccentric demeanor, often exposing its funny, and sometimes strange, Philip is clearly a talented individual. And luxury for it is not so necessary: he is ready to live almost in poverty.The handwriting was confirmed that the king of pop is prone to grandstanding. One of his problems is that he tries to show that he has no problems.Do not forget also about the desire of the singer to shock the audience. Another example of this was a conversation with Philip Ukrainian journalist Katya Osadchaya on the men's fashion week in Milan. Then pop king suddenly asked the girl... her egg."Maybe you want to adopt a child? asked Osadchaya singer, who had repeatedly talked about his desire to have a child. "Why adopt? - Philip responded. - I can... on their own! By the way, maybe you'll agree to help me? - Think! I'll pay you well".Earlier in mass media there was information that the singer recently became a father. Allegedly the daughter of Philip secretly carried by a surrogate mother - his friend Anastasia Kashnikov, now living in America. However intriguing information was not confirmed: Nastya admitted that the girl's father was her own husband, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Source: Handwriting gave intimate secrets Kirkorov.

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