Natalya Varley kidnapped and tried to rape

Natalya Varley kidnapped and tried to rapeNatalya Varley once kidnapped, whisked away to the mountains and tried to rape. And it's not the plot of the film, and the worst, according to the actress, her nightmare."And every time I Wake up in a cold sweat from his scream. It's not just a dream, it happened to me in reality. I was kidnapped! And now I personally know how scary it is to be in this situation" - sadly said the star of "the Caucasian captive".The incident occurred in Kislovodsk, where Varley said Kohl. "The bus arrived late in the evening. I, exhausted, came out of the cabin at a stop. See: is a policeman. Approached him: "can You tell me how to reach the hotel "Narzan"?" There was booked a room for me. Sentry turned around. "Yeah it's not far! Valera, lady a ride?" - he turned to standing near to the taxi driver. He obligingly opened the front door of his "Volga", "Please!" I just melted! What lovely people! Sat on the front seat, on his knees handbag with the money. And we went," recalls every detail Natalya as if it happened yesterday.On that day, the actress so much tired on the set, fell asleep, barely "Volga" drove off. "I woke up only when the car stopped. Looked around, and we're in the mountains! I'm in my purse grabbed. I think, well, now the money will require. This guy started hitting on me! Jack told the magazine, "Secrets of the Stars" actress. "I come to fight back. He, enraged by my resistance, hisses: "What are you raving about? Still going to rape and kill! And no one will know!" Snatched my purse: "what have you got there?!" Opened it, and there at the very sight of my passport is. He took it, unrolled it and razvoditsja: "Oh, you fool me, fool! You Varley?! Actress?! "Prisoner of the Caucasus"?!" And he strikes his cheeks, "How did I not know that?! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" And I can't say. Just grunt and a head nod".The taxi driver Varley returned her passport and took her to a hotel. "I don't remember how we got there. Everything was as if in a dream. I came to himself only in the room. Rushed to the phone, wanted to call the police... Well, the point of call, if the taxi I was seated policeman? Yes this Valera probably in the police station all the bases covered! - reasoned Varley. - In General, I thought and thought and to call anywhere did not. Alive - thank God! However, since then, with a strange taxi drivers do not drive. Better safe than sorry!" Source: Natalya Varley kidnapped and tried to rape.

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