Oskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airport

Oskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airportOskar Kuchera scandal at the Riga airport, going into a rage because of poor service and inattention to his own person.The artist, who worked at the festival yurmalina "in Latvia, has returned to Moscow. Oscar was very tired. "Over Yurmalina! 2 days of 7 hours of doing! Alive with difficulty... After 5 hours the plane to Moscow for the shooting!" - complained Kuchera on its Internet page on Twitter.The passport control of the actor finished off eventually, after which he did not hesitate in expressions. Riga airport is the worst piece of feces!!! - did not keep their emotions Oscar. They made a queue for registration of 200 people! Same for passport control!!! I approach the girl at checkout said, "Hello", this looks dumb sheep and silent!!! I ask, "You speak Russian, don't tell?" She: "I Say!" I: "what don't you say hi?" She is silent and blinks!!! Tough!".

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