The Vatican found the main manuscript of Spinoza's work

The Vatican found the main manuscript of Spinoza's workThe manuscript of "Ethics" - the main work of the Dutch philosopher of Jewish origin of Benedict Spinoza discovered in the Vatican library, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Vatican radio, with reference to the Director of the division of manuscripts of Professor Paolo vian (PaoloVian).The Director of the division of manuscripts of Professor Paolo vian said that the discovery of the manuscript was predictable because its "traces" were found in various descriptions of library collections. "It was only necessary to read them carefully," said the Professor.According to him, the manuscript collections promise a lot of finds, because in the later middle Ages and New time papal library is actively replenished manuscripts, and not all of them were thoroughly understood. "This does not mean that the Vatican library itself does not know what is in the stores," said Professor vian and added that research is conducted systematically and thoroughly.Professor vian expressed hope that "the secrets hidden in the Vatican library, will open to the humble and persevering investigator who knows how to read". Employee of the library added that it was "no mystery about which fantasizes Dan brown". Vian has rejected speculation that the manuscripts in the library available to a narrow circle of persons".According to an employee of the library, his manuscripts Department often receives requests from people who want to see the original letter of Pontius Pilate to the Emperor Tiberius about Jesus." Professor vian usually jokingly replied that such document is, unfortunately, not found.Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza (1632-1677) was one of the main representatives of modern philosophy. Ethics, in which Spinoza systematically expounded his philosophy, was first published after the death of the philosopher in 1677 in Amsterdam.The Foundation of the Apostolic library of the Vatican consists of more than one million books and 150 thousand manuscripts, of which eight thousand are incunabula (books published in Europe since the beginning of printing until the first of January 1501). In addition, there are about 300 thousand coins and more than 150 thousand photographs. Annually the library is visited by over 20 thousand scientists from around the world.The founder of the Vatican library believe Pope Nicholas V (1447-1455), and the official bull on its establishment was signed by Pope Sixtus IV in 1475. Since 2007 the library is headed by a cardinal Raffaele Farina. Source: the Vatican found the main manuscript of Spinoza's work.

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