Oxana Fedorova was married to a FSB officer

Oxana Fedorova was married to a FSB officerOxana Fedorova is getting married. Chosen one 34-year-old TV presenter was an FSB officer whose name is the former lover of Nikolai Baskov conceals."FiancГ© Oksana name is Andrew, he's 38 years old, he is an officer of the FSB. She has a charitable Foundation "Hasten to do good". With Andrew they met thanks to the charities. Oksana and Andrew already a very serious relationship - they want to get married!" - told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" girlfriend TV presenter."Indeed, she is already two months Dating a very nice guy. They seem to be happy. What are you all about Fedorov and Fedorov ask?" "said Nikolai Baskov.However, according to the artist, Fedorov's not going to marry, but only to get married. "What's the difference. But I, when we with Oksana broke up, I promised her that I would sing at her wedding. For free! reminded Nicholas. - By the way, Oksana promised to come on my birthday (October 15, Baskov will be 35 years old) with my favorite man.".

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