The last part of the `Harry Potter` is reminiscent of the action

The last part of the `Harry Potter` is reminiscent of the actionThe final episode of the famous epic about a boy wizard "Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows. Part 2" by Director David Yates released in Russia two days earlier than worldwide.As befits the epic about the conflict between good and evil, in the film there is a big battle. The magical world was split in half and is preparing for the final battle for Hogwarts.Millions of Harry Potter fans with tears in their eyes expecting the last chord in the ten-year history. The passion reached its peak. All the important story lines of the painting came together to reaching a climax, to lead to a logical conclusion of the epic and with it an era.The authors broke the last part of the franchise for two series. It was important to not only from a commercial point of view. Two and a half hours is simply impossible to fit all the final events. Having twice as much screen time, David Yates managed to reflect the maximum story lines and passages of the novel. Here was a place the majority of characters and magical items from last series: forgotten master of a magic wand in the Ollivander and the Goblin Krychau from the Bank "Gringotts" and others.The second part of "Deathly Hallows" begins exactly from where the previous ended. The high pace of the narrative makes the viewer take a breath until the very end. Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue their search for the Horcruxes. These crafty items Volan de mort put the pieces of his soul to become invincible. Only by destroying all the Horcruxes, you can get to the Dark Lord. It was masterfully played by Ralph Fiennes, embodied in the image of evil universal scale, RIA Novosti reported.Overall, the final part of the franchise is more reminiscent of an action movie. Scenes of "war" in the picture like never strongly prevail over "a peaceful life". The legendary Hogwarts stone guards are helpless as ever, and many characters familiar to viewers of the previous books and series, opens a new.So, at the shining of impeccable reputation of Professor Dumbledore, who was killed at the end of the sixth film, reveals a few dark spots. Forever negative Professor Snape who killed him, on the contrary, turns out to be a hero. The film also appears brilliant Helena Bonham-Carter. She plays a negative role followers Volan de mort Bellatrix Lestrange, reincarnated in Hermione.However, despite the plot twists in this story are clearly defined, what is Good and what is Evil. What an incredible way Harry and his friends finds the Horcruxes, without which no victory over darkness, absolutely believable - because otherwise Good won't have a chance. Source: the Last part of "Harry Potter" is reminiscent of the action.

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