Elena Vaenga tore ligaments at the concert in St. Petersburg

Elena Vaenga tore ligaments at the concert in St. PetersburgThe incident occurred with the singer on September 26 during a concert in St. Petersburg.According to eyewitnesses, in the second part have any audio problems. And while the workers of the scene was to rectify the fault, the audience asked Elena to sing something a Cappella. She agreed, but made a mistake with the tone. And as a result tore the ligaments.The next day, the artist realized that no voice, and immediately turned for help to doctors."Well what can I say? Well, bad. Pulled ligaments. Swelling. Nothing good," - said on its official website singer-songwriter.In order to quickly cope with illness, Vaenga still silent. According to her friends, immediately after visiting the doctor Elena decided to go for the city to recover."Lena went to the cottage and there is busy with planting, - told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" people from an environment of the singer. - Fans have given her a lot of young trees she planted on your lot".Recall that in the near future Vaenga will tour across Siberia all the days already painted. Will the graph shows the current state of the artist? With this question the journalists of "KP" addressed to the Director of the singer Ruslana Sulkowska."Don't worry, Lena is already doing better," he assured me. - Any show we have not abolished". Source: Elena Vaenga tore ligaments at the concert in St. Petersburg.

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