Prop mutilated American model

Prop mutilated American modelAmerican model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs lost her hand and suffered severe facial injuries and brain after accidentally hit by the propeller of a plane, Fox News reports.Drama played out Saturday night at a private airport Texas town McKinney. Scruggs went on a double plane "Aviat Husky" view from the air on Christmas lights home state.Under prop 23-year-old model landed, when they left the plane. The circumstances of the incident are still not clear. Family representative Scruggs suggested that Lauren wanted to thank the pilot for the flight, but in the dark did not see the spinning propeller.With serious injuries, the girl was admitted to hospital Parkland in Dallas. The doctors who conducted several operations, managed to save her life. Scruggs had to amputate his left hand. Now the victim is in a coma.As reported by a friend of the Scruggs family, before the girl began to respond to touch. Today she needs to conduct another operation.The Federal aviation administration of the USA has started an investigation into the incident. It is already known that the plane was brand new and Scruggs at the time of the accident was sober.Lauren Scruggs worked as a stylist in the television series "Gossip girl." The girl is also the editor of the online magazine about fashion she founded four months ago. Source: Prop mutilated American model.

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