Photos from the family archive of Amy Winehouse

Photos from the family archive of Amy Winehouse Photos from the family archive of the legendary singer of modern times, who departed this life July 23, 2011.Amy jade Winehouse (Amy Jade Winehouse born 14 September 1983 in Southgate, a suburb of London, in a Jewish family.Photo - Amy at the age of 1 yearHer parents - the taxi driver Mitchell and pharmacist Janice was married for 7 years to the birth of his daughter.The family has long been immersed in musical life: the mother's brothers were professional jazz musicians.And my grandmother on my father's side, Cynthia, whose name, as adults, have gotten Amy on her arm, was a jazz singer and had a close relationship with the legendary British jazz musician Ronnie Scott.In an interview, Amy remembered that the father of a child constantly sang to her (songs by Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald).She also took it into a habit - so that subsequently the teachers find it difficult to get her to behave quietly in class.In 1993, parents of the future singer broke up, but continued to raise children together.When Amy was 9 years old, her grandmother asked her to go to drama school Susie Earnshaw that it could seriously engage in dramatic art.Photo - Amy 4 years oldThe period of fascination with pop music over to Amy at the age of ten, when she discovered Salt''n Pepa, TLC and other rebellious hip-hop and R&B group.In 11 years of hyperactive Amy was already at the head of his own rap band called Sweet'n Sour.12 years old girl was admitted to drama school - she became a training school Sylvia young (Sylvia Young Theatre School).2 years later, having had time to star in an episode of The Fast Show (1997), Amy was deleted for lack of diligence and poor behavior.In my childhood favorite toy Amy was the guitar older brother, and 13-year-old's parents handed her his own.Photo - Amy aged 10 yearsAnd a year later, at 14, she began writing music and first tried drugs.Big show-business was opened by Amy Winehouse in 2000, when she was just 16 years old.Through the efforts of pop singer Tyler James (Tyler James) demos Amy fell into the hands of managers, Island/Universal, seeking young jazz vocalists.She immediately signed a contract and began performing as a professional singer.on 23 July 2011, Amy was found dead in his apartment in London.It is not excluded that the reason for the death of a famous British singer could become abruptly discontinuing use of alcohol.Amy was buried on 26 July near grandma Cynthia./On materials Source: Pictures from the family archive of Amy Winehouse.

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