The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murdered

The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murderedPathologist Christopher Rogers, who conducted the autopsy on the body of the "king of pop" Michael Jackson, testified in the case of the death of a star, reports RIA "Novosti".During the court session on the case of murder of the famous singer his doctor Conrad Murray coroner stated that Jackson was not able to take a dose of propofol that is in interaction with other drugs led to his death. Christopher Rogers believes that the singer was murdered. Also the doctor doubts that Michael Jackson was taking propofol in those moments, while his doctor was in the other room.As stated by Rogers, Michael Jackson was perfectly healthy for her age.- The heart of Jackson was not covered by a layer of fat, the appearance of which tend most men of his age, " commented Rogers.Defense attorneys nastavivaet on the version that Jackson himself had introduced a lethal dose of Propofol that led to the death. However, Christopher Rogers completely denied such an outcome.Most likely, Dr. Murray just calculate the amount of medication that he gave the patient is the expert's opinion.The court has also been provided photographs of the body of Jackson, prepared by experts for the procedure autopsy, reports LifeNews.Recall, the investigators accuse the attending physician to issue the "king of pop" excessive doses of sedatives, which led to the tragedy. Conrad Murray still denies his guilt, if the court finds the doctor guilty, he faces four years imprisonment and deprivation of a license to practice therapy.Trial on the case about the death of Michael Jackson started on 28 September in new York. The darling of millions died in June 2009 at the hospital of Los Angeles from an overdose of potent drugs. Doctor stars Conrad Murray does not deny that he gave the singer the sedative drugs. Source: the Pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murdered.

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