Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi

Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor TsoiOn the Belarusian radio stations were forbidden to put on the air the song of Viktor Tsoi "Change".Authorities have made an arrangement in the black list due to the fact that its popularity has risen sharply in the past month, the students were much more likely to enjoy this song, NTV reports.The song has the line:Change our hearts requireOf changes our eyes.In our laughter and in our tears and in the pulsing veins - change!We expect change!Also off the air was the song "Liapis Trubetskoy" ("the scream" and Belarus freedom), who also enjoyed incredible popularity.The situation was commented by the staff of the Belarusian radio. According to them, one of the listeners, callers to the editor, insisted that included "Changes". The host apologized and said no. A listener asked whether introduced on radio censorship, but the journalist did not answer and caller disconnected from the ether.It was previously reported that the Russian musician Yuri Shevchuk, as well as singer Dmitry Spirin, writers Andrei Bitov, Boris Vasiliev and Viktor Erofeev were in the list of persons whose mention is forbidden on air for criticizing the Belarusian authorities.The list was received in the Belarusian media from the Ministry of information and later published it in his blog, one of the employees of the state media. Source: Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi.

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