`The shining` by Stephen king will be continued

`The shining` by Stephen king will be continuedStephen king began work on a sequel to his famous works such as "the Shining". This was reported on the official website of the famous writer.The plot of the novel will be built around grown-up Danny TORRANCE who takes care of the hopelessly ill in one of the hospice in new York. In addition to performing their routine duties, he is using his supernatural powers facilitates the dying transition to "the other side".And on "this side" Danny plays very well at the races with the help of his mysterious childhood friend dick.Note that the first king talked about his desire to write a sequel to "the Shining" back in 2009, but only now we have moved from a dead point.When the book is finished, and whether she will undergo screening as an original work, is still unknown. Source: "the Shining" by Stephen king will be continued.

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