Schwarzenegger fined in Austria for Smoking

Schwarzenegger fined in Austria for SmokingHollywood actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was fined twice in his native Austria.According to "Interfax", "Terminator" was punished for violating the ban on Smoking in local airports. According to foreign media reports, the incident happened in Salzburg and Graz. At the airports of both cities Schwarzenegger Smoking a cigar outside a special area set aside for this purpose. In the end, Arnold has written two fine of 200 euros.However, it is unclear whether celebrities to pay these fines, as between the United States, where the actor lives, and Austria there are no cooperation agreements in such cases.Recall, Arnold's having a hard time in life. As already mentioned Days.Roux, Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver are getting a divorce after 25 years together in marriage. "Terminator" has admitted that his wife left him after learning that he cheated on her and has an illegitimate son. The mother of this child who is already 13 years old, spent 20 years working at the couple's maid.Schwarzenegger has also asked to respect the personal lives of his family and to respect its sanctity. The actor and his wife, two minor children - 13-year-old Christopher and 17-year-old Patrick. Educate them Schwarzenegger and Shriver have decided together. In addition, they have two adult daughters - 21-year-old Katherine and 19-year-old Christina. The terms of the division of property acquired by the spouses during 25 years of marriage, will be determined during the divorce process.Arnold Schwarzenegger and the niece of John F. Kennedy, Maria Shriver met in 1977, and they got married in 1986. Thus during the long years of living together the wife has not agreed to share the political views of her husband. Shriver has remained a supporter of the Democratic party, while the Terminator was elected Governor of California with the support of the Republicans. During the US presidential elections in 2008, the couple also voted for different candidates. Source: Schwarzenegger fined in Austria for Smoking.

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