`Dandelion wine` is filmed in Hollywood

`Dandelion wine` is filmed in HollywoodRussian film Director Rodion Nahapetov ("With you and without you", "On the edge", "Enemies"), since 1989 working in Hollywood, will turn in the script, autobiographical novel by ray Bradbury "dandelion Wine" (Dandelion Wine, 1957) is about four boys growing up in the fictional town of green town.It is reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to The Hollywood Reporter."When I started to study at the Moscow state Institute of Cinematography, many foreign books were in Soviet Russia banned. But I still decided to shoot a short film on "Wine from dandelions": this story embodied for me the childhood I didn't get," admitted Nahapetov, because of the illness of a mother who grew up in an orphanage.In 1972 he really took his diploma short film by Bradbury. In the current draft Nahapetov while took himself only the role of screenwriter.Ray Bradbury, which Nahapetov connects personal friendship, said the decision of the Director to film "dandelion Wine" "best birthday gift". August 22, the writer celebrates 91 years.The producer of the project will be Mike Medavoy involved in the creation of "Islands of the damned" (Shutter Island) Martin Scorsese, "Black Swan" (Black Swan) by Darren Aronofsky and the Zodiac (Zodiac) David Fincher.The English-language film version of "Wine from dandelions" still exists, but has already filmed in Russia in 1995. One of the roles in a television movie on Bradbury has performed Innokenty Smoktunovsky, for which she was the last work in the movies.Hollywood career Rodion began in 1997, when he released his first feature film, was filmed 5 years fiction Thriller "Telepath" (Stir). Then together with ORT he did the American series of the television series "Lethal force-2, then - 12-serial teledetection "Russians in the city of angels" (2002), where the American actors were filmed along with the Lion Durov, Vladimir Glazing, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Ekaterina Rednikova, and the main role was played by the Nahapetov, who finished first acting and then directing Department of VGIK. The same was mixed cast of a feature-length thrillers "Border Blues" (Border Blues, 2004) and "Contamination" (Contamination, 2007).In Russia, it did parallel the Comedy "My big Armenian wedding" (2004).Since 1995 he has written a screenplay takes on he created together with his second wife, producer Natalia Shlyapnikov, Studio RGI Productions. His first wife was actress Vera Glagoleva. Source: "dandelion Wine" filmed in Hollywood.

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