Maria Boltnev comes after childbirth

Maria Boltnev comes after childbirthPopular actress Maria Boltnev recently gave birth to triplets. However the press leaked information that the new mother is in intensive care and she needs a blood transfusion. Colleague on shop Maxim Averin clarified.Colleague Mary Baltnetos on the super popular TV series "Capercaillie" and the star performer of the role of Maxim Averin has denied numerous rumors about the serious condition of the actress. "All right! She feels, as any new mother. Gradually getting better and better", - quotes the actor "Moskovsky Komsomolets".Information that after the birth of Mary Baltnetos required a blood transfusion, could be confirmed. "No blood is not collected at all. Thank God, she and the children feels comfortable, reassured many fans of the young actress Maxim.However, along with such, not nice rumors regarding the physical condition of the Maria Baltnetos, there is information that she and her boyfriend, actor George Lezhava, already coming up with names for the babies. Leading options - Maxime Denis and Stanislav - in honor of Maxim Averin, Denis Rozhkov and Stanislaus Kotlyarska. All actors of the acclaimed TV series "Capercaillie".Averin called these rumors are nonsense. The actor said: "it is Important that it quickly came to us with the kids and they were all happy. And how they come up with to call them - this is the second question. The most important thing has already happened and now she needs to quickly recover, she needs her rest, and then, you know, all those nerves, calls...".

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