Cheating Kutcher acquires new details

Cheating Kutcher acquires new detailsCelebrity couple, which is now prikovani of the paparazzi, is experiencing oceny difficult period. Demi and Ashton go to the Kabbalah centre, and meanwhile the fact of Kutcher's infidelity acquires new dirty details.Official comments about the breakup of Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore has not yet happened, however, the rumors about the breakup is growing by leaps and bounds.It is worth noting that on the ring finger of both spouses still gleam of a ring, but on Twitter, where they actively rewritten until now Ashton and demi aren't friends anymore. But last weekend, the pair apparently made an attempt to restore the relationship - and went to the Kabbalah centre. Demi and Ashton came and left separately. While Kutcher, looked visibly upset.As the pair tries to do something with the crumbling marriage, the paparazzi prowl in search of new rumors, and find, writes "Express newspaper".on 24 September, the artist instead of to celebrate with demi anniversary of their wedding, went to a nightclub, and then indulge in the passion in the room at the Hard Rock with blonde Sara Leal. But, as told pals girls, Sarah was not the only person this evening naughty Ashton. Drunk actor gave unbridled sex Orgy, having dragged in the Jacuzzi once the four naked girls!The details of that night the tabloids threw a Jacques du Toit - boyfriend of one of the participating parties named Alexis. His girlfriend told Jacques that is going to the party to Ashton Kutcher. A young man, consumed by jealousy, found out that the party takes place in a very expensive penthouse at the Hard Rock Hotel, and went straight to the room Kutcher. When the guy tried to enter, he was stopped by security. But Jacques insisted that he is a friend of one of the participating parties and he needed to get inside. The guard allowed him to enter.When Jacques entered the room, he saw sitting in the Jacuzzi warm company: Ashton Kutcher, his girlfriend Alexis, Lil Sarah and two daughters - Martha and Katie. They were all without clothes. Seeing logged-boyfriend, Ashton invited Jacques to join them. And when du Trois refused, exclaimed: "Where's my vodka, dude?".

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