Lady Gaga `shut` his counterpart's mouth

Lady Gaga `shut` his counterpart's mouthPop singer Lady Gaga was able to achieve a ban on the execution of the cartoon hero Lady Goo Goo parody songs. About it reports The Guardian.Lady Goo Goo - the character's social network for children Moshi Monsters. The repertoire of the hero is the song "Peppy-razzi", a parody of the "Papparazzi", which takes the Lady Gaga. Performer, dissatisfied counterpart, addressed to the High court of England and Wales with a lawsuit against the company Mind Candy, which owns the social network.According to the court decision the company was forbidden to sell or reproduce parody songs, as well as advertise or otherwise distribute the video, which featured Lady Goo Goo.While companies are allowed to continue to use this character, but without the songs.It is reported that Moshi Monsters had planned to place the song in iTunes, and later the album with songs cartoon characters, among which there is a character Dustbin beaver (Dustbin Beaver), based on the image of Justin Bieber.Earlier, Lady Gaga had already tried to take away from the fans website but the Board of the National arbitration forum USA decided that it may not be warranted. Lady Gaga is one of the most popular performers and has come close to the title of the richest women in show business. Source: Lady Gaga's "plugged" his counterpart's mouth.

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