Guy Ritchie talked about life with Madonna

Guy Ritchie talked about life with MadonnaBritish Director spoke about his life with the American pop singer.Directed by guy Ritchie and Madonna were married in 2000, and ran away in 2008. Since then, the ex-wife found happiness in his personal life, but now the ex-husband of superstar decided to speak plainly about the marriage to pop icon.According to Richie, he does not regret anything in their rather complicated relationship."I enjoyed my first marriage, it's definitely not something I regret," he said. - The experience was very positive, and we have two children - a son Rocco and an adopted boy David, so different I can not see".Ritchie also explained why his Union with the actress proved unsuccessful."I'm in "soap Opera", and for a long time trying to live in it. Of course, in ten years I'm probably more outspoken on this subject, " said the Director. But I am very happy with everything that has happened. In other words, I'm glad earned money. And glad to be married.".

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