Moses denied the terrible rumors about his condition

Moses denied the terrible rumors about his conditionFlamboyant artist is tired of the assumptions of the media and decided to tell the truth about how he feels.Boris Moiseev is outraged about what you post online media about his condition. According to them, the artist in the hospital, the actor is not acting, the actor hardly speaks, the actor was barely moving, the artist canceled the concerts, but if the concerts are held, instead of the mosaic stage stands double. In General, Boris'm tired of reading about all these "sensational" news and told "Moskovsky Komsomolets" about the true state of Affairs."Even a single concert was not canceled! And I don't have twins, me impossible to imitate! This kind of complete degradation of all! I am amazed at the shaft of lies and misinformation. I could just Wikipedia, but why Jack has released this interview?!", -outraged Moses.I mean Eugene Friedland, who collaborated with Boris Moiseev. He was his producer. It was under the auspices of Fridland came out of the legendary "Blue moon" and her duet with Lyudmila Gurchenko. Then the cooperation ended. Comments fridlyanda were the most significant among the series of news about the status of Moses. Exactly Friedland brought the theory that Moses really bad that his greedy entourage drags poor performer from the concert to the concert that Moses allegedly not aware of the reality.All this Moses replied: "If I went with someone on occasion, not your Director or producer, and his audience, his colleagues who tell me I can't imagine me without a scene, and the scene without me." Moses explains that not perenapryagatsya that everyone understands that the concerts are not only labor and the cross for him, but the joy and rest. And to stop giving concerts he's not going. "The doctors I was released, was discharged from the hospital. Of course, there is therapy, the recommendation, I observe them, take pills," replies Moses at the burning question, as the doctors let this happen.However, Boris Moiseev tries not to pay attention to what they say evil tongues. He is eternally grateful to those who in difficult times have not dropped it, and was supported by: "fortunately, last year there was much more good participation, attention, assistance from friends, colleagues and even strangers. On the hardest days, when I was in the hospital, many of them helped even money". Source: Moses denied the terrible rumors about his condition.

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