Turkish actress stole the video Nyusha

Turkish actress stole the video NyushaTurkish singer Nez stole Russian pop star Nyusha video for the song "don't interrupt". Overseas version of the prison Saga under a new name Oldu mu - an exact copy of the project Director Yuldashev.No one is surprised stars-plagiary peoples stealing songs from foreign artists. This is, by our standards, has long been normal practice, which is not true of the world entertainment industry. Although, as it turned out, not all overseas cleanly in terms of the ability to profit from someone else's intellectual property. So, Turkish singer Nez did not hesitate and cleaned copied the clip of the singer Nyusha for the song "don't interrupt", leaving in his video all the ideas directed by Bakhodir Yuldashev.The reaction- When I first saw her video Oldu mu, thought it was just a humorous parody of my, - has shared with "Z" Nyusha. - The idea of one to one - coincidence here! But my movie was released in early 2010, and Turkish, as I understand it, in the middle of 2011. I wonder how they will now prove his innocence?- While we won't sue, said "Z" in the press service of the stars. But if management Nez in the near future will not bring a public apology followed by the removal of his video from all portals and rotations of TV channels, we will seriously think about the lawsuit! Source: Turkish actress stole the video Nyusha.

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