Sir Elton John will show his son.

Sir Elton John will show his son.64-year-old composer and his 49-year-old partner David furnish, recently became parents, don't miss the opportunity to show his son the world! Zachary, who is not yet a year old, managed to visit in Hawaii, Venice, Saint-Tropez and Kiev. In November, the star couple will bring my son to the Russian capital.We all remember the beginning of the epic with adoption. Elton John and his husband wanted to adopt 2 Ukrainian boys, but the harsh laws of Ukraine, which does not recognize same-sex marriage, not allowed to do it.Elton John inseparable with her baby and takes him everywhere with you! As stated by the Maestro one glossy publication: "My son, of course, not be in need, but he will not have anything extra. I understand that in my present condition it would be very difficult to do, because I will always choose to pamper him, but I do plan to raise Zachary in the real world to it since childhood and for life understand the true value of things. But at the same time, we want to give him that carefree, innocent, full of love and freedom from all sorts of worries.".

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