Russell Crowe will play the mayor `Ruined city`

Russell Crowe will play the mayor `Ruined city`Russell Crowe will perform a key role in the film, Allen Hughes ' "Broken city" ("Broken City"), according to the website Deadline.The actor will play the town mayor, suspecting his wife of adultery. The character Crowe hires ex-COP, turned private detective, that he followed his wife. The role of a detective will perform mark Wahlberg. He is also the producer of "the Ruined city".The screenplay was written by Brian Tucker. In 2008, this story was in the so-called "black list" is an informal list of the best of scenarios, which for various reasons have not been put into production.The budget of "the Ruined city" will be 60 million US dollars. Shooting is due to begin in November 2011. Director Allen Hughes earlier together with his brother albert worked on the films "From hell" and "Book of Eli". The production of "Ruined city" Allen will have to do without the support of a relative. Source: Russell Crowe plays the mayor "Ruined city"".

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