Named the most popular character in `Harry Potter`

Named the most popular character in `Harry Potter`Dean of Slytherin house Severus Snape is the most popular character in "Harry Potter". This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Guardian.It was attended by more than 70 thousand fans of the Saga.In second place was Hermione Granger, and the third - Sirius black. Himself the main character won only the fourth line of the rating.It is noteworthy that JK Rowling herself previously considered to be my favorite character of Harry Potter, but after the release of the last book, she admitted that her preferences have changed"Now, when it was all over, I would like to invite to dinner Dumbledore. We have much to discuss, and I will gladly use his advice," said the writer in a recent interview.Recall that in a series of films about Harry Potter role Snape played by Alan Rickman. Source: Named the most popular character in the "Harry Potter"".

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