Lars von Trier is preparing to shoot a porno movie

Lars von Trier is preparing to shoot a porno movieThe next film by Lars von Trier will be called a Nymphomaniac (Nymphomaniac), and the speech in it goes about the erotic life of a woman from zero to 50 years, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the resource Screen Daily."We hope to begin shooting next summer. This is the normal schedule of Lars - the movie every two years," said producer edition Peter albæk Jensen, together with von Trier founded the Studio Zentropa.The picture, according to preliminary data, will consist of eight parts, equipped with subheads: "the Eastern and the Western Church", "the Little organ school" and so on. At the Cannes film festival, von Trier mentioned that he was going to make a porn movie for which you want to study the history of the Church.According to the producer, the Director realizes that he may have problems because of the censorship, so that the "Nymphomaniac" will be done in two versions: the original, more explicit, softened and adapted for the cinema in ordinary hall. Jensen stresses that the film will be based not so much on explicit scenes, but on the dialogues."Lars is very worn with this idea. I guess that the movie will not only erotic, but also very funny. We understand that will attract the attention of the press. But as far as pornographic in the picture, will depend on funding," explains the producer.Shooting will take place outside Denmark. "It's a small country and we have to raise money literally grain by grain, organizing shooting where there is a generous philanthropist, ready to help Lars. We are constantly shooting in Sweden, Germany, there is no post production," concluded Jensen.We will remind, recently the Danish Director has repeatedly attracted the attention of the world press. At the Cannes film festival, which was attended by his "Melancholia, von Trier provoked by journalists, he confessed his love for Hitler, for which he was forced repeatedly and in detail to apologize. In the end, he was recognized at the festival persona non grata, but the film left in the competition - he won the prize for best female role. On Sunday, von Trier had to apologize again, this time for the film "Dogville", was a favorite among graphic Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway.Earlier, the head of the Danish film Institute Henrik Bo Nielsen stated that scandalous statements von Trier will not affect the financing of further projects. Source: Lars von Trier is preparing to shoot a porno movie.

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