Yevgeny Mironov successfully underwent surgery

Yevgeny Mironov successfully underwent surgeryArtistic Director of the theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov, recently injured knee, successfully underwent surgery at a clinic in Germany.At the moment, the actor is undergoing rehabilitation in Moscow, the official website of the theatre."Despite some temporary restrictions in movement E. Mironov began to perform their duties, in particular, on July 28 held a meeting on the completion of the reconstruction of the theater building," he made a formal statement by the administration of the theatre of Nations "to eliminate speculation and to prevent the emergence of distorted information", published in several editions.As already mentioned Days.Roux, a folk artist and member of the Council for culture and arts under the President of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Mironov has won many theatre awards. In April of this year he received the national film award "Nika".The actor was awarded the statuette in the category "Best supporting actor" for the embodiment on the screen image of the commander of the battalions in the film by Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the sun 2: Exodus". "Nikita Sergeyevich second time I was invited to the episodes of his paintings, and the second time I get the reward that I really like," he admitted, accepting the award.A year ago Mironov has received "the Gold mask" for best actor in the theatre of Nations "Shukshin Stories". This performance, presented in eight categories and won the award for "Best male actor" and "Best performance". "When I had not given this award, I said, "well, I don't care. The main thing is work". And now I won't say," admitted satisfied Mironov. Source: Evgeny Mironov successfully underwent surgery.

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