The song Natalia Vlasova put the monument

The song Natalia Vlasova put the monumentThis story began over a year ago. On the eve of the 65th anniversary of the Victory , the First channel has announced a competition for the best song dedicated to the memorable date. This competition received more than 5,000 works. Ten best came in the final of the competition. Among them was the song Natalia Vlasova "Nastasia" . The music to this song were written by the singer herself, and the poems songwriter and producer Sergei Kharin. The song was dedicated to the grandmother of the poet, who, having received in 1943 the news that her husband Peter was missing, waited for his return for 68 years. Until death.After the contest the song was periodically performed on various radio stations and all the concerts Natalia.And just recently, Sergei Kharin received a letter from the city of Engels (Saratov region), which stated that on June 22 this year in the city was a monument to "left without burial". The author of idea of creation of a monument - psychologist Sergei Saratovsky, the author of the composition - the sculptor Alexander Sadovsky. The monument was built on the donations of residents under the direction of the intercession of the Relief Society at the Alexander Nevsky Church and was conceived as a visual Place of Mourning. Anyone who is not able to render the last duties to a friend, psychologically it is important to have at least a symbolic burial place (the Cenotaph), where he can come at any time, including public and religious holidays, to put a bouquet of flowers missing.The monument is a sculpture of an old woman who is kneeling and holding a picture in mourning frame.It was reported that during the ceremony of opening the monument of the song sounded "Nastasia," and in an instant the inhabitants of Engels, the media gave the name of the monument "Bronze Nastasia". So the heroine of the song Khmelevskaya Anastasia A. S. from the Vladimir region became the prototype of the monument Remained without burial". And now the song Natalia Vlasova residents associated with this monument.In the same letter, Natalia and Sergey received an official invitation to visit the city of Engels, meet its inhabitants and to see firsthand "the Bronze Nastasia". Source: Song Natalia Vlasova put the monument.

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