Top 10 star rival in love

Top 10 star rival in love For them men throw their wives and children and do everything just to be with his beloved. But, often, fatal beauties only play. We present you a rating of the most famous rival in love.N 10 Victoria BoniaRussian beauty was having an affair with footballer by Soares Welliton, and it is not hampered by the fact that he has a wife and child. The pair had been Dating for only a few weeks, but it was rumored that the enamoured player has made Victoria the offer and was going to take her to Brazil. This never happened: a novel ended, and the wife Soares found the strength to forgive him and to take back to the family.N9 Elizaveta BoyarskayaA novel of Elizabeth and actor Maxim Matveev ensued during the filming of the movie "won't say" in Kiev, and at the premiere of the series "Admiral" in love first appeared together. Lisa proudly represented all the 27-year-old Maxim, as your new young man, and, it seems, did not pay attention to what everyone knew: he is married to stage actress Joanna Sexta. Maxim has divorced his wife and now lives legally married to Lisa.N8 Ingeborga DapkunaiteActress Ingeborga turned his head to the Emir Kusturica. Rumors about their romance began to turn when the actress was still married to English Director Simon Stokes and the Emir is married to maja Kusturica. The wife of the Emir and the mother of his two children threatened him that I would file for divorce, and relations with Ingeborga stopped. However, the press began to walk again rumors that Ingeborga already divorced her husband Simon Stokes, again seduces the Emir.N7, Sienna MillerThe victim of the charm of the actress from Hollywood Sienna Miller was the handsome Jude law. Their romance was developing right on the set of the Comedy "Alfie" in 2003. At the same time, the actor's wife Sadie frost was expecting a third baby. Jude law still left his wife, in spite of three children, but his love affair with Sienna had no follow-up.N6 Vera BrezhnevaAfter the first failed marriage Vera Brezhnev decided to spoil the life of another woman, and, at the same time, to arrange their own destiny. The singer stopped at the influential Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, which at the time was married. Brezhnev put the question bluntly: either she, or the family. Kiperman chose the beautiful singer, abandoning his wife and two daughters. Now the singer lives with him in a posh house in the center of Kiev and raising her two daughters.N5 Oksana GrigorievaEven 7 children and 28 years of marriage did not prevent the 54-year-old Director Mel Gibson to drop everything and have an affair with Ukrainian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. The lovers were married after the divorce of Chalk, and they had a daughter Lucy Annette. However, less than a year in their family scandal (the reason was that Mel beat Oksana), and the couple broke up. However, and then Oksana was not the loser she was able to sue her ex-husband $3 million.N4 Tatiana NavkaRoman figure skater Tatiana grooves and actor Marat Basharova began on the project "Ice age". While Tatiana was married to coach Alexander Zhulin, and the actor is married to Lisa Crocco. When the press began to appear photos embracing couples and relationships have been difficult to hide, wife Marat Basharova filed for divorce. Initially after this Marat was still seeing some time with Tatiana, but never married her. The couple broke up. But Navka admits that her faith in marriage unwavering, and is going soon to find a life partner.N3 Albina DzhanabaevaLast summer, broke up one of the strongest pairs: Valery Meladze and his wife Irina. The singer is a father of three children, broke up with his wife Irina, with whom he had been married for about 20 years. The reason was his affair with the soloist of the group VIA Gra Albina Dzhanabaeva. Moreover, with time Meladze admitted that from Albina he brings up the son Kostya. Now that the singer is divorced, he can finally openly with Albina and son in public.N2 Anastasia ZavorotnyukAfter novel, the nanny Wiki and actor Sergey Zhigunov watched the whole country. A few months after the filming of the TV series "My fair nanny" actor filed for divorce with wife Vera Novikova, with whom he lived for 24 years. However, the feelings of the couple died as swiftly as it had flared, and Sergei soon returned to Vera Novikova, re-signed with her in one of the salons Kolomna.N1 Angelina JolieAfter the release of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Hollywood actress has forever been known as "adulterer". Angelina and brad pitt, who left her from Jennifer aniston, until recently, denied that his office romance on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" while in 2005, the actor filed for divorce from Jennifer aniston. Source: Top 10 star rival in love.

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