Artistic Director `Taganka` will be appointed in September 2011

Artistic Director `Taganka` will be appointed in September 2011The Department of culture of Moscow, in whose Department there is the Taganka Theater, was appointed acting Director of theatre Sergey Korotchenkov and defined with the artistic Director no earlier than September.According to the Deputy head of the Department of culture Andrei Porvatov, Korotcenkov cope with their responsibilities to "the light bulbs were burning and the façade was right," and noted that he did not think "that before September, we will adopt the artistic Director".As informs "Interfax", he expects Lyubimov will go back to his work. "This theatre, who created the legendary Lyubimov. We hope that Yury Petrovich is back. Without him it is difficult to imagine "Taganka", - said Porvatov, adding that "under the legislation Yuri Petrovich at any moment to take his statement.".

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