Sigourney weaver wants to play in the fifth part of `Alien`

Sigourney weaver wants to play in the fifth part of `Alien`Sigourney weaver finished last time to return to the image of Ellen Ripley, to finish the history of the illustrious Slayer of alien monsters. About the actress told in an interview to share Moviefone."If I really was involved in this project, I would have found interesting story and persuaded to participate 20th Century Fox. I could once again kick ass these creatures, but, you know, is now working as a film industry," said the actress.She complained that the Actresses her age are not trusted to play the main characters of the militants. "But I still think that her story is not over yet," added Sigourney weaver.Recall that according to the mythology of the universe of "Alien" Ellen Ripley was born on the lunar base in the year 2092. In the year 2120 after completing his studies at the Academy she was taken on as warrant officer of the crew of the cargo ship Nostromo, "company "weyland-Yutani".A year later the ship went to his memorial flight, which made an unplanned landing on the planetoid LV-426 with the aim to discover the source of a strange signal. Alien body with fantastic vitality and ability to adapt to new conditions, got on the Nostromo. What happened next is well known. Source: Sigourney weaver wants to star in a fifth "Alien"".

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