Wedding albert II at a cost of 20 million euros

Wedding albert II at a cost of 20 million eurosThe wedding of the ruler albert II of Monaco and his fiancee Charlene Wittstock cost a little less than 20 million euros. About this informed the head of government of the Principality Michel Roger."The cost of the wedding were divided between the state and the princely Palace in equal shares - 50%. Funds allocated from the state budget amounted to 9 million 850 thousand euros," explained Roger. Thus, the total cost of the ceremony reached nearly two dozen million.Meanwhile, said Michel Roger, the Agency France Presse, the proceeds from the wedding are still being counted - their sum will be known only at the beginning of autumn. As in the case of the marriage of Prince William and the now Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, to a festive event in Monaco were prepared with a variety of Souvenirs respective symbols, in the Principality of profit tens of thousands of tourists.In addition, according to French media, a 200-metre red and white carpet on which the altar was the Prince and his girlfriend Charlene will be cut into pieces and sold for charitable purposes. Each "product" will show off the signature Suite.Wedding of albert and Charlene was held on 1-2 July. The Church wedding ceremony was preceded by a civil. At a gala event brought together more than 800 distinguished guests from 110 countries - four dozen heads of state and members of Royal and princely houses of Europe, as well as many stars of music, fashion, famous athletes - spouse albert is a professional swimmer, and the Prince represents various international sports organizations. Source: the Wedding of albert II at a cost of 20 million euros.

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