John Travolta bought the plane

John Travolta bought the planeThe Hollywood stars John Travolta stole an expensive car. But the actor is very upset and bought a plane.Vintage sports Mercedes-Benz 280SL 1970 stole the actor in just a minute - had to only go to a Jaguar dealership in Santa Monica, United States. Meanwhile the machine was worth almost 100 thousand dollars. Now the car the police are looking for.John reacted to the unexpected loss with humor, saying that the car is not a plane that would be easier to find. As they say, in every joke there is some joke.Soon Travolta bought the plane, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets". He was invited to the presentation of the airline's Bombardier. Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise did not go to the meeting with Mashkov

Tom cruise did not go to the meeting with Mashkov Hollywood actor will present in Moscow the fourth part of the global blockbuster "Mission impossible".Tom cruise refused to meet with the actor on Moscowinstitute Lifenews.ruSource: Tom cruise did not go to the meeting with Mashkov . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Myskina was expecting her third child

Anastasia Myskina was expecting her third childAnastasia Myskina tried to hide the pregnancy from the public, telling the good news only to her closest.Nastya learned about his interesting position in the summer, but the media representatives at a reception in honor of the Kremlin Cup found rounded tummy former tennis player. Myskina was dressed in black dress and top, so as not to advertise the pregnancy, threw a fur vest, which is the most concealed of all the curves of her changed figure.For Anastasia and her life partner, businessman Sergey Mamedov, this will be the third child, according to "Express Gazeta". 29 April 2008 Myskina gave the son Sergei, and August 30, 2010 gave birth to a second child - also a boy. Apparently, the couple longs for a daughter. Although Anastasia admitted that he did not yet know the sex of the baby, she'll be happy as the girl and the boy.Recall, is the Russian Anastasia Myskina tennis player, honored master of sports. Her professional tennis career began in 1998 and a year later she was in the hundred of the strongest players in the world. Читать полностью -->

Russian stripper talked about life with Gadhafi

Russian stripper talked about life with GadhafiAfter the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the media there is increasing evidence, what cruel tyrants were all the men of his family.Today in "Moskovsky Komsomolets" published an exclusive interview of the wife of the son of Colonel Saif al-Islam, who vowed to avenge his father and to continue his work. She told how her husband arranged orgies, mocked the maid, and she herself was beaten, blackmailed and finally brought to a deep coma. This interview with journalists managed to get a long time, but published it only today.The relationship with the spouse Hope Gaddafi stopped after he was beaten and flung her from the 12th floor. She was in a coma for 47 days, but miraculously survived. This tragedy was preceded by the story of their adventurous Dating.Hope was born in Crimea, in the resort of Koktebel. At the age of 14 she wanted to get married and to go to Moscow. Читать полностью -->

Kelly brook was photographed for the magazine's New Look

Kelly brook was photographed for the magazine's New Look Kelly brook in the new issue of the magazine New Look.Source: Kelly brook was photographed for the magazine's New Look . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was jailed for 20 years

The daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was jailed for 20 yearsAfter three years of court hearings Amanda Brumfield, the daughter of Hollywood actor and Director Billy Bob Thornton, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Court of the state of Florida recognized the woman responsible for the death of one-year-old daughter Olivia, her friend Heather Murphy.The Prosecutor demanded to recognize the 32-year-old daughter of an actor is guilty of premeditated murder of the girl and to deprive her of liberty for 30 years, but the defense managed to prove that the murder was unintentional, and the court reduced the sentence.This strange thing happened in October 2008. In that ill-fated evening a friend asked her to babysit, and when she returned, the baby was already dead. Version miss Broomfield, the girl fell out of the arena and smashed his head, causing died. During the autopsy on crown little Olivia was discovered by a 10-centimeter wound, which, according to the experts, there was profuse bleeding in the brain, causing death.All the while the prosecution tried to prove that the child could not get such a severe wound, fell from the arena, it can be applied only methodical blows to the head. And the defense tried to prove that you received when you fall injury has aggravated some old, and if would-be nanny took action in a timely manner, the baby could be rescued. Читать полностью -->

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