`Dandelion wine` is filmed in Hollywood

`Dandelion wine` is filmed in HollywoodRussian film Director Rodion Nahapetov ("With you and without you", "On the edge", "Enemies"), since 1989 working in Hollywood, will turn in the script, autobiographical novel by ray Bradbury "dandelion Wine" (Dandelion Wine, 1957) is about four boys growing up in the fictional town of green town.It is reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to The Hollywood Reporter."When I started to study at the Moscow state Institute of Cinematography, many foreign books were in Soviet Russia banned. But I still decided to shoot a short film on "Wine from dandelions": this story embodied for me the childhood I didn't get," admitted Nahapetov, because of the illness of a mother who grew up in an orphanage.In 1972 he really took his diploma short film by Bradbury. In the current draft Nahapetov while took himself only the role of screenwriter.Ray Bradbury, which Nahapetov connects personal friendship, said the decision of the Director to film "dandelion Wine" "best birthday gift". August 22, the writer celebrates 91 years.The producer of the project will be Mike Medavoy involved in the creation of "Islands of the damned" (Shutter Island) Martin Scorsese, "Black Swan" (Black Swan) by Darren Aronofsky and the Zodiac (Zodiac) David Fincher.The English-language film version of "Wine from dandelions" still exists, but has already filmed in Russia in 1995. One of the roles in a television movie on Bradbury has performed Innokenty Smoktunovsky, for which she was the last work in the movies.Hollywood career Rodion began in 1997, when he released his first feature film, was filmed 5 years fiction Thriller "Telepath" (Stir). Then together with ORT he did the American series of the television series "Lethal force-2, then - 12-serial teledetection "Russians in the city of angels" (2002), where the American actors were filmed along with the Lion Durov, Vladimir Glazing, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Ekaterina Rednikova, and the main role was played by the Nahapetov, who finished first acting and then directing Department of VGIK. Читать полностью -->

Schwarzenegger fined in Austria for Smoking

Schwarzenegger fined in Austria for SmokingHollywood actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was fined twice in his native Austria.According to "Interfax", "Terminator" was punished for violating the ban on Smoking in local airports. According to foreign media reports, the incident happened in Salzburg and Graz. At the airports of both cities Schwarzenegger Smoking a cigar outside a special area set aside for this purpose. In the end, Arnold has written two fine of 200 euros.However, it is unclear whether celebrities to pay these fines, as between the United States, where the actor lives, and Austria there are no cooperation agreements in such cases.Recall, Arnold's having a hard time in life. As already mentioned Days.Roux, Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver are getting a divorce after 25 years together in marriage. "Terminator" has admitted that his wife left him after learning that he cheated on her and has an illegitimate son. Читать полностью -->

`The shining` by Stephen king will be continued

`The shining` by Stephen king will be continuedStephen king began work on a sequel to his famous works such as "the Shining". This was reported on the official website of the famous writer.The plot of the novel will be built around grown-up Danny TORRANCE who takes care of the hopelessly ill in one of the hospice in new York. In addition to performing their routine duties, he is using his supernatural powers facilitates the dying transition to "the other side".And on "this side" Danny plays very well at the races with the help of his mysterious childhood friend dick.Note that the first king talked about his desire to write a sequel to "the Shining" back in 2009, but only now we have moved from a dead point.When the book is finished, and whether she will undergo screening as an original work, is still unknown. Source: "the Shining" by Stephen king will be continued. . . Читать полностью -->

Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi

Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor TsoiOn the Belarusian radio stations were forbidden to put on the air the song of Viktor Tsoi "Change".Authorities have made an arrangement in the black list due to the fact that its popularity has risen sharply in the past month, the students were much more likely to enjoy this song, NTV reports.The song has the line:Change our hearts requireOf changes our eyes.In our laughter and in our tears and in the pulsing veins - change!We expect change!Also off the air was the song "Liapis Trubetskoy" ("the scream" and Belarus freedom), who also enjoyed incredible popularity.The situation was commented by the staff of the Belarusian radio. According to them, one of the listeners, callers to the editor, insisted that included "Changes". The host apologized and said no. A listener asked whether introduced on radio censorship, but the journalist did not answer and caller disconnected from the ether.It was previously reported that the Russian musician Yuri Shevchuk, as well as singer Dmitry Spirin, writers Andrei Bitov, Boris Vasiliev and Viktor Erofeev were in the list of persons whose mention is forbidden on air for criticizing the Belarusian authorities.The list was received in the Belarusian media from the Ministry of information and later published it in his blog, one of the employees of the state media. Source: Lukashenko has banned the songs of Viktor Tsoi. . Читать полностью -->

Vienna boys choir will perform for the first time in St. Petersburg

Vienna boys choir will perform for the first time in St. PetersburgVienna boys choir 3 October for the first time will give a concert in St. Petersburg. The band will perform at the State academic Capella, according to a press release received by "Tape.".October 2, Vienna boys choir, one of the most famous children's choirs in the world, performed in Moscow, at the Moscow international House of music. In the capital of the choir came for the third time, he was in Moscow in 2006-m to year.In a press release the company "Musical Olympus", which organizes concerts in Russia, it is noted that in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Vienna choir will perform sacred music and works of classical authors. Читать полностью -->

The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murdered

The pathologist reported that Michael Jackson was murderedPathologist Christopher Rogers, who conducted the autopsy on the body of the "king of pop" Michael Jackson, testified in the case of the death of a star, reports RIA "Novosti".During the court session on the case of murder of the famous singer his doctor Conrad Murray coroner stated that Jackson was not able to take a dose of propofol that is in interaction with other drugs led to his death. Christopher Rogers believes that the singer was murdered. Also the doctor doubts that Michael Jackson was taking propofol in those moments, while his doctor was in the other room.As stated by Rogers, Michael Jackson was perfectly healthy for her age.- The heart of Jackson was not covered by a layer of fat, the appearance of which tend most men of his age, " commented Rogers.Defense attorneys nastavivaet on the version that Jackson himself had introduced a lethal dose of Propofol that led to the death. However, Christopher Rogers completely denied such an outcome.Most likely, Dr. Murray just calculate the amount of medication that he gave the patient is the expert's opinion.The court has also been provided photographs of the body of Jackson, prepared by experts for the procedure autopsy, reports LifeNews.Recall, the investigators accuse the attending physician to issue the "king of pop" excessive doses of sedatives, which led to the tragedy. Conrad Murray still denies his guilt, if the court finds the doctor guilty, he faces four years imprisonment and deprivation of a license to practice therapy.Trial on the case about the death of Michael Jackson started on 28 September in new York. Читать полностью -->

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